The Freedom to Embrace
Any Digital Asset

The Ability to Thrive in the Digital Economy


Exchanges, digital asset liquidity providers and brokers rely on Curv to securely manage and trade all types of digital assets. Curv can be integrated through the back-end as a replacement for both hot wallets and the cold wallet physical infrastructure. Transactions can be initiated and approved either manually by employees and/or programmatically by machines.


Hedge funds, venture capital firms, and other asset managers use Curv to securely hold digital assets, short and long-term. Shares can be stored on any employee device that has the authority to manage or approve transactions. A single portal can be used to manage all the wallets for all the digital assets.


Fiat custodians entering the digital asset space choose Curv to securely manage all their digital assets. With Curv, they can offer clients total control, bulletproof security, and instant availability, as well as operational savings by offloading the implementation and ongoing management of asset-specific infrastructures.

Simplifying & Speeding the
Adoption of Blockchain Services

Curv makes it quick and easy to add and use new assets in your portfolio. There is no hardware to purchase or blockchain infrastructures to manage – the Curv service takes care of it all for you. We handle the onboarding, ongoing management, and secure signing of transactions within a blockchain IT infrastructure to greatly speed your adoption of a wide variety of digital assets.

Easy for Users & Developers to Use

The Secure Institutional Wallet can be deployed as an app on an employee’s devices or
as a container in your backend, using our APIs:


IT administrators, security and risk officers can control who
has access to your Wallet, by giving users an app they can
download on their Mac and Windows devices [IoS and
Android coming soon]


Developers can deploy the Wallet as a container in your backend and then use APIs to directly control the configuration and perform transactions through the Curv cloud service. This enables creating a software-defined security model for your operational wallets.

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