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The SwissBorg Wealth App

SwissBorg is leading the way in wealth management by making investment in digital assets fair, safe and accessible to all. The company recently marked the launch of their much anticipated Wealth app, available on both iOS and Android in 40 countries, and has plans to expand into additional geographies over the coming months.

What makes SwissBorg stand out from other digital asset investment firms is the Smart Engine which powers SwissBorg’s app. Its unique and powerful technology connects to multiple exchanges to provide an end user with the best price execution. The Smart Engine — often described as the Skyscanner 2.0 of the digital asset world — goes through hundreds of trading pairs to arrive at a brand new and complex route for each trade. No human alone would be able to calculate the route.

AI-powered market analysis, support for ten local currencies (and growing), the ability to stake SwissBorg’s very own token (CHSB), and access to commission-free trading makes the SwissBorg Wealth app extremely well regarded in the digital asset investment community.

The Problem: You Can’t Operate on Good Technology Alone

Since its founding, SwissBorg’s expert team of developers knew that powerful technology and a growing user community would not breed success alone. With wealth management, safeguarding users’ assets is the number one priority. Adoption of a comprehensive and transparent security approach would provide much needed confidence to app users, helping them trust their digital assets were safe with SwissBorg.

The Solution: A Keyless Approach

To address this trust issue, SwissBorg conducted a careful review of several digital asset security solutions on the market. SwissBorg considered solutions such as HSMs, sharding, SGX and multi-signature signing schemes as well as a mix of hot/cold wallet infrastructure. Each of these solutions involved a different approach for how to handle the protection and security of private keys, specifically focused on reducing a key’s exposure to theft.

However, once the team learned that Curv’s security platform, powered by unique multi-party computation (MPC) protocols, took a completely different approach to the security of private keys — by altogether eliminating them — they knew they had found a security partner unlike any other to safeguard their users’ assets. With Curv, a key is never created in the first place so it cannot be compromised. As a result, single points of failure are eliminated and security is reaffirmed for app users.

Protection of private keys and the challenges associated with it would never be a concern for Swissborg’s growing user base thanks to Curv’s keyless approach.

SwissBorg’s Implementation of Curv

Curv’s team worked one on one with SwissBorg’s developers to implement the solution using a continuous feedback loop. Integration was fast and seamless thanks to Curv’s robust APIs and Curv’s flexible approach enabled SwissBorg to circumvent challenges along the way. Instead of integrating with every blockchain and experimenting with the nuances of each, Curv provided this as a service to SwissBorg.

Curv additionally offered SwissBorg flexibility through the creation of a strong governance structure. This involved the implementation of an expansive policy engine, allowing SwissBorg to define risk profiles and ensure only authorized transactions were conducted by app users.

The End Result

Swissborg’s leadership felt confident that the trust they sought to build for users in their Smart Engine technology and app was elevated through a partnership with Curv.

“Overall implementation of Curv’s MPC technology enabled us to assure our community members that their investments are behind the highest grade security available on the market. As for our team at SwissBorg, we stand confident in Curv’s vast expertise in security and cryptography,”
Nicolas Rémond
CTO, SwissBorg

Ultimately, Curv allowed Swissborg to achieve its number one priority: security of users’ assets.

Why Swissborg Selected Curv Security

  • Curv offered SwissBorg a superior level of confidence to that of HSMs, sharding and multi-sig signing schemes. With Curv, there’s no key so there’s no single point of failure.
  • Curv offered great flexibility in terms of deployment and supported SwissBorg throughout the integration process, providing recommendations and feedback along the way.
  • Just like in wealth management, digital asset security is not a one size fits all approach. SwissBorg benefits from Curv’s customized and unique approach to security which considers all present and future attack vectors.
  • Just like the blockchain, Curv’s security is enforced by the laws of mathematics and not just trust or engineering.

Additional Info

If available in one of the 40 countries in which it is operational, download SwissBorg’s Wealth app here. For more information on SwissBorg more broadly visit

To understand Curv’s comprehensive approach to digital asset security and see how your institution could benefit from a keyless platform visit