Eliminating the Private Key
flaw in Blockchains

Blockchains democratize information and asset transfers, making it easy for anyone, anywhere, to transact. By design, blockchain transactions are irreversible, thanks to the public key cryptography they use.
Unfortunately, public key cryptography introduces a single point of failure: private keys. Curv eliminates this single point of failure by giving you a secure, distributed way to sign transactions and manage all your digital assets.

Curv Provides Security and Peace
of Mind in the Digital Economy


Know all transfers are legitimate and authorized, and assure your digital assets are safe from cyberattacks, insider collusion, bugs and human errors.


Transact online, at the speed of business, and accelerate the adoption of new assets to capitalize on digital market opportunities as they emerge.


Maintain total autonomy over your digital assets with one platform to manage all your assets.

Insured by Munich Re

Your assets are safer than ever with Curv. Now, you can get even better peace of mind thanks to our partnership with the insurance powerhouse, covering up to $50m of your assets.


Built for Both Employees & Developers to Use

We have made it easy for developers to create a software-defined security model for a secure operational wallet. You can simply use Curv’s APIs to integrate the Wallet into your environment and directly control the configuration through the Curv cloud service.

Meets SOC 2 Compliance Requirements

Curv’s institutional wallet is built with a security-first mentality. We’re the first and only Multi-Party Computation (MPC) digital asset wallet solution to achieve SOC 2 Type II status.

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