IntroducingCurv DeFi

The first ever institutional-grade enterprise DeFi solution

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Reassess the speed
 at which your institution approaches DeFi, without having to piece together different solutions or build out a customized integration

Adopt any DeFi application, ensuring secure and constant support for all DeFi protocols

Benefit from the same enterprise-level controls and protection you require and are accustomed to for your digital asset operations for DeFi

Leverage the institutional onramps you need to conduct secure transfers in support of your decentralized finance strategy

A quick look at Curv DeFi

Curv DeFi affords clients full compliance auditability with a complete transaction log

Curv DeFi is compatible with any smart contract or function

Partners that empower our solution


Since there is no reliable and secure institutional solution for DeFi, organizations are reverting to retail-level use of MetaMask or custom integrations with individual apps as a workaround. Curv’s partnership with MetaMask enables the combined ease of use and application-readiness of MetaMask together with Curv’s enterprise-level controls and protections that is core to our security infrastructure.


“MetaMask is the premier non-custodial experience for interacting with DeFi applications. We are excited to partner alongside technology leaders like Curv to build institutional-grade operations and compliance that traders need in order to really start growing their participation in DeFi.”

- Patrick Berarducci, Global Fintech Co-Head, ConsenSys